Castillio Hotel on Astypalea island

Astypalea is the most beautiful summer destination, according to our opinion. With this belief, Castillio hotel continues to host Astypalea’s guests. Today Castillio hotel is ready to offer an unforgettable vacation experience in its renovated and carefully designed rooms. Astypalea, our birthplace, is the most tranquil settlement of Astypalea. For the pirates, it had been the most sheltered and protected natural bay of the island, for many centuries.

In the amphitheatrically side of Maltezana, with a panoramic view of the traditional port as well as the scattered islets you will find our accommodation. Just a few metres away of Castillio you will relax on the beaches of Maltezana and the Blue Harbour. Amphitheatrically built and according to the local architecture Castillio hotel is the most interesting and relaxing place to stay on the island. The courtyard with the nice colours in the centre of our hotel consists the meeting point of our guests. This breakfast place is transformed during the evening into a cocktail and music room and thus we have the opportunity to share our daily experiences as well as to plan our next day on the island.